Scientists Show Immune Response to Gut Microbiota Associated to Onset of Diabetes

immunity fut microbiome type 1 diabetes

To study a conceivable association between the immunity and gut microbiota, Danska and her group brooded different microscopic organisms with serum tests from three groups of pediatric patients—healthy controls, kids with Crohn’s disorder of the gut, and kids with type 1 diabetes. The 14 pools of microorganisms signified to strains present in a healthy human gut microbiome.

The specialists found that serum from both diabetes and Crohn’s patients contained larger amounts of anticommensal antibodies than that of controls. These outcomes show that patients with immune system disorders have discrete arrangements of resistant responses to gut microbiome.


Paun, A., et al. (2019). “Association of HLA-dependent islet autoimmunity with systemic antibody responses to intestinal commensal bacteria in children.”  4(32): eaau8125.

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