Geologists reveal a history of the lost continent covered underneath Europe



Disregard the unbelievable lost continent of Atlantis. Geologists have remade, time cut by time cut, an almost quarter-of-a-billion-year-long history of a disappeared continent that presently lies submerged, not underneath a sea some place, however generally beneath southern Europe.

The analysts’ examination speaks to “a tremendous measure of work,” says Laurent Jolivet, a geologist at Sorbonne University in Paris who was not associated with the new investigation. In spite of the fact that the structural history of the landmass has been commonly known for a couple of decades, he says, “The measure of detail in the group’s orderly time-slip by reconstruction is extraordinary.”

The main noticeable remainders of the continent—known as Greater Adria—are limestones and different rocks found in the mountain scopes of southern Europe. Researchers accept these stones began as marine silt and were later scratched off the landmass’ surface and lifted up through the impact of structural plates. However the size, shape, and history of the first landmass—a lot of which lay underneath shallow tropical oceans for many years—have been hard to recreate.

Source: Geologists uncover history of lost continent buried beneath Europe | Science | AAAS

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