Chandra Reveals Amazing New Activity in Gigantic Black Hole

Cygnus A
Cygnus A x-rays

Cosmologists have found astounding new activity from an enormous black hole that has never been seen. Utilizing NASA’s Chandra X-beam Observatory they have watched a stream that ricocheted off a mass of gas and after that punched an opening in a cloud of energetic particles. This activity can enlighten researchers additionally concerning how jets from black holes connect with their environment.

The activity was made in Cygnus A, a huge galaxy amidst a group of galaxies around 760 million light years from Earth. Chandra information indicate amazing planes of particles and electromagnetic energy shooting far from a rapidly developing black hole at the focal point of Cygnus A. In the wake of voyaging in excess of 200,000 light years on either side of the black hole, the planes have backed off through its collaboration with multimillion-degree intergalactic gas that envelopes Cygnus A. This activity has delivered gigantic gases of energetic particles that radiates X-rays and radio waves.


Study led by Amalya Johnson of Columbia University in New York, presented at 233rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, WA

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